Frequently asked questions

Can I switch sitters if something does not feel right?

Yes, of course! Our main goal is to match each family with the perfect sitter. Contact us by phone or email to be matched with a different sitter. (714) 606-4773

How do payments work?

At the end of each week or sitter shift, OC Sitter Solutions will auotmatically receive the payment using provided credit card information from each family. A confirmation email or text will be sent to the family once payment is received.

Is there a start up fee to be matched with a sitter?

Although there is not a fee to be matched with a sitter there is a $40 non-refundable intake fee.

Our family really loves our sitter and would like to work directly with them rather than through OC Sitter Solutions...Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible! We would encourage each family to build a long lasting relationship with their sitter. All the clients and sitters agree to a contract upon initiation of services that disallows direct relationships except when a placement fee is arranged. If you feel this to be the best option for your family, please contact us.

Can I meet or interview my sitter prior to her arrival?

OC Sitter Solutions carefully hand picks all of our sitters. The sitters go through an intensive interview and background check process before being hired as well as professional training after being hired. One of our purposes is to take away the extra work for you. We find it unnecessary that you interview your sitters since we have already done it for you. Your sitter will show up 15-20 minutes early her first day but if you would still like extra time to get to know her feel free to ask to schedule her for a trial shift.

What are your cancellation policies?

Cancellation Policy: If a client cancels once sitter is booked the client will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. If client cancels less than 12 hrs from start time the client will be charged for the 4 hour minimum. Holiday Cancellation Policy: If a client chooses to cancel on a holiday he/she must give a 72 hour notice or will be charged $25. If a client cancels 24 hours or less before start time on a holiday you will be charged for the 4 hour minimum. Overnight Cancellation Policy: If a client chooses to cancel on an overnight he/she must give a 72 hours notice or a cancellation fee equal to one day pay will be charged to client's credit card.


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